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9:30 and 11 in the Student Worship Space in the Student Center

Jan 29 – Pastor George Ferrell

          Dealing with the Entitlement Mentality of Children

Feb 26 – Pastor Grayson Galloway

          Technology with Teenagers

Mar 26 – Meredith Yoder

          Building the Foundations of Discipline

April 30 – Kevin Cooksey

          The First Decade of Marriage

June 25 – Meredith Yoder

          Hope for the Weary Preschool Parent

July 30 – Pastor Bobby Lindsey

          The Importance of Standing Firm in the Faith

Aug 27 – Pastor George Ferrell

          Navigating Social Media with your Child

Sept 24 – Pastor Grayson Galloway

         Staying Engaged With Your Teen

Oct 29 – Kevin Cooksey

          Marriage in the Middle Years

Nov 26 – Pastors Sean Giovannetti and Bobby Lindsey

          Building a Legacy